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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

Ordering & Tracking

Q Can I add maximum number of items in the cart?
Q Can I change with my existing order and if yes how?
Q Do you send some sale alerts to your customers?
Q How do I check the status of my order?
Q How do I know that I have made an order on your website?
Q How do I know that my order has been dispatched?
Q How do I know the current status of my order?
Q How will I know if order is placed successfully?
Q If I want to change an item in the order and there is any price variation then how will you adjust the price?
Q In what time I can cancel my order?
Q What about if I have made more than one order for the same item, do you cancel the order for which I don’t want to process further?


Q What is the estimated delivery time?
Q Can I ship my order to multiple addresses?
Q What about if my address belongs to some remote area?
Q What is the difference between Express Shipping Items & In Stock Items?
Q What is transit time?
Q What will be the shipping charges for the orders?


Q If I don’t have a credit card, then how could I make payment, what are the other modes ?
Q Are there any extra charges for blouse lining?
Q Difference between Release and Refund?
Q If I have made the payment through western union, how will you collect the money from there?
Q Is any other information or document required after payment?
Q Should I give my complete address or only P.O.Box number?
Q What about if I have extra large size, should I pay for extra ?
Q What about if I made the payment twice for any order, then what are the options available for me?
Q What about if you have made the refund for part payment, can I get second time refund?
Q What are the various payment options available on your site?
Q Why do I see a slight change in the prices of the items in my cart?
Q Will the price reduce over a period of time for these newly arrived items?

Return / Modify / Cancel

Q I do not need stitching in the lehenga. Do you still take 15 days to ship the order?
Q Will I get all the accessories which are mentioned on model with sherwani?
Q Can I get Patiala Salwar/Trouser/Dhoti instead of Churidar Pyjama with Sherwani?
Q Can I get the matching jewelry with the ordered items?
Q Can I modify my order after placing it?
Q Can I return a sold item?
Q Can I submit the measurements later after completing the order process?
Q Cancellation of Order?
Q Difference between order confirmation email & payment confirmation email?
Q How will I send you my measurement?
Q If I obtain Patiala Salwar/Trouser/Dhoti instead of churidar then should I provide sherwani length according to that???

Products / Stitching

Q Can you increase the blouse length by customer demand?
Q Is lining done underneath the kameez/kurta?
Q Is lining done underneath the lehenga choli?
Q Can I get different styles of necklines, sleeves or salwar stitched?
Q Do I get long sleeves in blouses?
Q Do you custom stitch sherwani?
Q How to take measurement correctly?
Q I liked one item, for how long it is expected to be in stock?
Q Should we provide exact body measurement or ready garment’s measurement?
Q What do you do if I get Delay in sending my measurement?
Q What fabrics do you use for lining of salwar kameej?
Q What if I have purchased 2 or more sherwanis? How do I fill different measurement form?
Q What is a Ready to Wear Saree (Pre-Stitched Saree)?
Q What is Fall & Edging?
Q Will embroidery come all over the blouse of saree and lehenga?
Q Will I get picko done for the dupatta?


Q Can I get discount on Already Offered Items?
Q Can you apply Online Offers in your Retail Showroom?