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Mens Blazer

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  • NEW Spectacular Party Wear Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1403

    Spectacular Party Wear Blazer

  • NEW Glowing One Button Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1404

    Glowing One Button Blazer

  • NEW Alluring Shawl Lapel Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1406

    Alluring Shawl Lapel Blazer

  • NEW Exquisite Reception Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1422

    Exquisite Reception Blazer

  • NEW Admirable Peak Lapel Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1423

    Admirable Peak Lapel Blazer

  • NEW Graceful Designer Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1426

    Graceful Designer Blazer

  • NEW Delightful Imported Fabric Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1432

    Delightful Imported Fabric Blazer

  • NEW Pleasing Navy Blue Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1453

    Pleasing Navy Blue Blazer

  • NEW Dashing Peak Lapel Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1454

    Dashing Peak Lapel Blazer

  • Highly Elegant Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1365

    Highly Elegant Blazer

  • Classic Beige Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1366

    Classic Beige Blazer

  • Dashing Navy Blue Blazer

    SKU : TSBL1374

    Dashing Navy Blue Blazer


from 30

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The Semi-Formal Coats

Blazers are the coats that had been designed to be worn when one is going for a not very occasions. Interestingly, blazers get their name from the fact that they were designed to be more fun and blazing with colors. How do you differentiate a suit, jacket and a blazer? Suits are the well fitted with matching trousers. Jackets are the very casual coats that can be worn with any kind of trousers or denims and any day, while the blazers are reserve for semi-formal occasions like going for golf, or afternoon meeting or any other day meetings.

The blazers were designed to be playful. They are more relaxing than a proper fitted suit and shorter in length as compared to a sports coat. They blazers are available in different colors, patterns and styles. Earlier when designed the blazers were available in colors like bright blue or something on these lines but with changing times, not only are the blazers being designed in linen, but jute fabric, terry wool and velvet.

At Bharat Plaza our online store, we have a range of these semi formal coats for you to select from. We have them in all kind of bright colors as well as the subdued colors, if you are not the one to go for too bright. Not only that we have printed blazers that look amazing with plain black trousers. Thinking of visiting afternoon party, a printed blazer with no tie and a plain shirt and trouser will look outstanding.

Buy the best collection of party wear blazers in different prints like the chequered, the jute print, the lapel style, the three button style. We have the patterns that are worth dying for. Just select the piece and we will design it as per your measurements and deliver it to your doorsteps with no shipping charges.