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Salwar Kameez Fashion

Salwar kameez is in fashion during wedding and festive occasion also. Sangeet ceremony and mehendi ceremony are the special moments when this attire is worn. With the passage of time and fashion of kameez salwar it has also been modified from long kameez to shorter and fancier kameez. Salwars are also been modified from baggies ones to straight trousers and bell bottom styles. Presently the short kurtas and broad salwaar is very much in demand. The short kurta (also known as kurtis) and churidar, and two scarves (one around the neck another on the shoulder) also looks very elegant is in fashion too. Bharatplaza gives you the latest from the indian fashion with a mesmerizing collection of kameez salwar, indian salwar, indian kameez salwar and salwar kameez which are available in all types of colors & moods for a wonderful online shopping experience. SALWAR KAMEEZ FASHION: Today in fashion Indian kameez salwar looks on solid footing and portrays the Indian women in a manner, which is realistic and truly down-to-reality. When one talks of this, due credit should also give due to one of the country’s most famous fashion guru Mike Kripalani. In fact it has been said that he has been the man who took out the attire from the hidden closet and put it back where it rightfully belongs – spotlight and limelight. Displaying the same in his boutique stalls in the fashion capital of India – Mumbai – he really lured the Indian womenfolk to it like a magnet. CALL IT millennium madness or chic disarray. Fusion is causing a flutter in fashion Dom.'s fashion is about mutation - of the ethnic East and the Wild West. Travel, television, and of course, the relentless creative pursuits of showmen-designers have resulted in a froth of styles that fuse trends or bring together traditional fabrics and modern designs. INDIAN SALWAR KAMEEZ'S FASHION: Sudden revival in the late 1950s and the early 1960s by the glamour brigade of Hindi filmdom spawned its rebirth again. Hindi movies as everyone knows are a chord, which binds the entire nation, and getting the attire famous in them transported its reach faster and much better. It was a revival, initially confined to Kashmir and Punjab it really took off in the early 1980s, spread to other parts of India and never looked back since then. Over the passage of years the attire has become more refined, richer and more sophisticated. Started as an alternative dress form in

Kashmir and Punjab, it has grown in popularity all over India and in all the muslim countries of the world, especially with younger women. With Celebrities like Goldie hawn, Sally field, Hillary Clinton, Jeniffer Lopez and the Late Princess Diana adorning the Salwar kameez at high profile events, this garment is the clearly the current flavour in the West. Salwars are pajama-like trousers gathered at the waist and ankles, worn underneath a long, loose tunic known as a kameez. Nowadays in Indian colleges it is a fashion trend to wear kurtis with chicken work, or embroidery on jeans or trousers. These look very pretty, hep and are a happening fashion statement. Fashion Accessories go hand in hand with kurtis and touch upon the look. Jhumkaas have come in fashion after the kurtis; they are famous among the colleges in India.