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Silk Lehenga

Silk lehenga is an outfit that never goes out of fashion. Silk lehenga choli-dupatta with diamante and bead embroidery, silk lehenga choli - dupatta with colored zardozi embroidery, silk lehenga with multi colored zardozi and stone work are some famous designs. Silk fabrics are mostly used in Indian wedding lehenga, bridal lehenga. Though elegant, silky wedding lengha must be handling with care. A bridal Indian lehenga in Silk fabric may fade with the use of a high iron setting. Press cloths and a steam iron are recommended. Silk lehenga is also weakened by sunlight and perspiration. Silk is a luxurious and sensuous fabric, one associated with wealth and success. Today, silk is yet another word for elegance, and silk garments are prized for their versatility, wear ability and comfort. Silk is the strongest natural fiber. Silk absorbs moisture, which makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because of its high absorbency, it is easily dyed in many deep colors. Silk retains its shape, drapes well, caresses the figure, and shimmers with a luster all its own. Contemporary silk garments range from evening wear to sports wear. A silk suit can go to the office and, with a change of accessories and a blouse, transform into an elegant dinner ensemble. Silk garments can be worn for all seasons. Ones wardrobe is empty without a silk garment especially of ladies. All of them want to have silk sarees, silk lehengas, silk suits etc. Silk lehengas owns a special place in medieval as well as modern times. This is a special dress for all occasions, especially party wear. Bridal silk lehengas cholis are a new trend in wedding ceremonies. Silk lehengas can be worn at Eid. Silk lehengas are a hot bed in India. They are manufactured in New Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Indian wedding lehenga are elegant. Today, owning a silk lehenga meant not only the initial price of the garment but also the cost of dry cleaning. All silk lehenga are washable. Silk, is a natural sizing which is brought out when washing in warm water. Most silk lehengas can be hand washed. Technically, silk lehengas does not shrink like other fabric lehengas. If the fabric is not tightly woven, washing a silk lehnga with tighten up the weave thus, lighter weights of silk can be improved by washing as it will tighten up the weave. A tightly woven silk lehenga will not "shrink" or will "shrink" a lot less. Silk lehengas, however, can shrink if the fabric has not been washed prior to garment construction. When washing silk lehenga, do not wring but roll in a towel. Silk lehenga dries quickly but should not be put in an automatic dryer unless the fabric is dried in an automatic dryer prior to garment construction. A good shampoo works well on silk lehenga. It will remove oil and revitalize your silk lehenga. Bharatplaza is one of the best shop for latest silk lehengas, Indian wedding lehenga, wedding lengha, bridal Indian lehenga that every women has dreamt of as per your measurements now only at Design Some famous designs on silk lehengas are: * Silk lehenga choli with bead embroidery * Silk lehenga choli with zori embroidery * Silk lehenga with multi colored zardozi and stone work * Silk lehenga with mirror work are * Printed silk lehngas * Silk lehengas with patch and applique work * Silk lehengas with thread embroidery * Silk tie and dye lehenga cholis and many more

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