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Traditional Saree

Chic and Miraculous collection of Tradition Saree is displaying its Authentic Charm. This ensemble is the amazing way to make you speechless from others. Exclusive collection is superbly crafted on art, pure, brasso georgette, velvet, tissue, brocade, viscose and satin base. Mind blowing ensemble is adorned with blooming sequins creepers, cutdana, beads, value added stones, kundan, shiny jari, gleaming resham embroidery, hand crafted floral motifs, gold print, silver print, lace, patch work and applique work. Wedding SareesSilk Sarees and Banarasi Sarees are a good blend of tradional Indian Sari. ADD A TOUCH OF TRADITION WITH THIS PRODIGIOUS & UNBELIEVABLE COLLECTION.

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  • Pleasing Festive Choice Saree

    SKU : SIW50103

    Pleasing Festive Choice Saree

  • Pretty Look In Green Saree

    SKU : SIW50104

    Pretty Look In Green Saree

  • Marvelous Stone Work Saree

    SKU : SIW50105

    Marvelous Stone Work Saree

  • Delightful Chiffon Saree

    SKU : SIW50106

    Delightful Chiffon Saree

  • Vibrant Orange Color Saree

    SKU : SIW50107

    Vibrant Orange Color Saree

  • Gorgeous Yellow Chiffon Saree

    SKU : SIW50109

    Gorgeous Yellow Chiffon Saree

  • Fabulous Pattern Navratri Saree

    SKU : SIW50110

    Fabulous Pattern Navratri Saree

  • Elegant Designer Saree

    SKU : SIW50111

    Elegant Designer Saree

  • Wonderful Saree In Firozi Color

    SKU : SIW50112

    Wonderful Saree In Firozi Color

  • Red Poly Silk Saree

    SKU : SIW62001

    Red Poly Silk Saree

  • Outstanding Combination Saree

    SKU : SIW62003

    Outstanding Combination Saree

  • Winsome Beauty Rani Pink Saree

    SKU : SIW62007

    Winsome Beauty Rani Pink Saree

  • Remarkable Sangeet Saree

    SKU : SIW62009

    Remarkable Sangeet Saree

  • Prominent Poly Silk Saree

    SKU : SIW62010

    Prominent Poly Silk Saree

  • Tempting Jacquard Pallu Part Saree

    SKU : SIW62012

    Tempting Jacquard Pallu Part Saree

  • Charming Two Tone Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF31005

    Charming Two Tone Silk Saree

  • Look Impressive Raw Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF31010

    Look Impressive Raw Silk Saree

  • Unique Party Wear Saree

    SKU : SAF31011

    Unique Party Wear Saree

  • Ornate look Mehandi Color Saree

    SKU : SAF31013

    Ornate look Mehandi Color Saree

  • Outstanding Rani Pink Saree

    SKU : SAF31015

    Outstanding Rani Pink Saree

  • Wonderful Embroidered saree

    SKU : SAF31017

    Wonderful Embroidered saree

  • Princely Designer saree

    SKU : SAF31018

    Princely Designer saree

  • Phenomenal Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF31021

    Phenomenal Silk Saree

  • Remarkable Georgette Saree

    SKU : SAF31022

    Remarkable Georgette Saree

  • Spectacular Purple Saree

    SKU : SAF31023

    Spectacular Purple Saree

  • Sold Out Classic Maroon Beige Silk Saree

    SKU : SAF31024

    Classic Maroon Beige Silk Saree

  • Wonderful Navy Blue Saree

    SKU : SPBS1001

    Wonderful Navy Blue Saree

  • Vivacious Maroon Saree

    SKU : SPBS1003

    Vivacious Maroon Saree

  • Prodigious Golden-Green Saree

    SKU : SPBS1004

    Prodigious Golden-Green Saree

  • Innovative Firozi Saree

    SKU : SPBS1005

    Innovative Firozi Saree

  • Resplendent Cotton Silk Saree

    SKU : SPBS1006

    Resplendent Cotton Silk Saree

  • Delightful Magenta-Blue Saree

    SKU : SPBS1007

    Delightful Magenta-Blue Saree

  • Stylish Orange-Green Saree

    SKU : SPBS1008

    Stylish Orange-Green Saree

  • Amazing Orange Cotton-Silk Saree

    SKU : SPBS1009

    Amazing Orange Cotton-Silk Saree

  • Flattering Green-Pink Saree

    SKU : SPBS1010

    Flattering Green-Pink Saree

  • Flattering Handloom Saree

    SKU : SPBB1001

    Flattering Handloom Saree


from 61

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Bridal sarees what is in nowadays

The Indian saree is said to be as old as the medieval times. The best part about this 6 yard long unstitched cloth is that is still in fashion. It has not eloped like many old medieval things. The way the saree was worn may have changed but still the traditional saree is here to stay!

If seen, saree is nothing but a 6 to 9 yard long cloth that is draped in manner to make a skirt and a stole out of it. Most common way of draping a saree is to tuck it from one corner and make some pleats in the front and then putting the rest on the left shoulder as a stole, which is called the ‘palla’ or ‘pallu’. There are many different ways of draping a saree, dhoti style, ‘seedha palla’ style, ‘ulta palla style’, ‘Bengali style’. Not only that, the traditional sarees print and cloth texture changes from region to region. For instance the Bengali ladies love wearing cotton sarees while the ladies in down south love to wear silk sarees. Assamese have their saree divided into two parts and is called a ‘makhela’.

Through the different types of sarees and different ways of draping it you can make out the diversity in our Indian culture. Isn’t it intimidating, makes you want to go to the places to add these traditional sarees to your collection. But it is not possible every time! Well, need not worry as at Bharat plaza the online store we have placed the collection. We have tried to put together the best collection from all over India so, that you need not go anywhere else to shop for it. You can shop all the traditional sarees at one place. We present to you a Indian online shopping store that caters for everything that you are looking for.